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About the founder Isabelle LITZLER - MA, NLP Foundation skills

Born and raised in France, I had this wonderful opportunity to live in Los Angeles, California in my 20's, Paris, France in my 30's and Geneva, Switzerland since 2007.  My career was not a straight line, but rather an experimental field where I worked for many very different organizations thinking that at some point, I will find my true calling. I created Pleiades because my clients are a constellation of stars who need to find the right opportunity that will make them shine.  My work emphasizes developing your autonomy and building your skills in order to deal with a challenging workplace. Some of the organizations I worked for as a Human Resources Specialist include:

Crédit Agricole - Kellogg's - Aon Hewitt - Lexmark - Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance 

Pleiades is a member of Fédération des entreprises romandes


What clients say :

Olga S - Officer Intl Org - Geneva

Isabelle is an expert in career coaching. I arrived in Switzerland about year and a half ago. Being a Canadian expat I really had a hard time to even get a response for my job applications. I was referred to Isabelle after a year of unfruitful search and she quickly understood my situation and was incredibly helpful. Thanks to her support and coaching I understood that I was looking in the wrong place. She helped me understand the swiss job market and to brand my profile in order to be more attractive to the employers. Her website platform is very resourceful and it has all the material to prepare your cv, to organize the job search, to prepare for interviews, etc. After 5 month of working together I got a great job offer in an International Organization in Geneva. I would definitely recommend Isabelle services to anyone that has just arrived to Switzerland or is simply reorienting their career.

M.D - Co-Founder, Startup Project, Geneva

After a year of 'soul searching' and trying to figure out the Swiss job market, I decided I needed help from an expert! Isabelle was recommended by one of my friends and I immediately noticed how rare it is to meet someone so helpful, professional and organised as Isabelle! She has a broad local network, knows a lot about the challenges expats face when they arrive into a new country and has the ability to transfer this into useful advice for newcomers. Thanks to Isabelle I was able to structure my thoughts and plans. The result is that I am now working on a great new and exciting local project! I would definitely recommend a consult with her. Her hands-on mentality can help you structure your thoughts and establish your new goals, whatever it is you are looking for!

Yoann - CRM Manager - Annecy, France

Isabelle perfectly understands the market in Switzerland. Her capacity to listen and analyze your situation allows without a doubt to help you progress on your job search. I recommend Isabelle's services and advice without hesitation to help you succeed in your career projects.

Alicia - Trainer / Post Doc - Bern, Switzerland

Isabelle is an excellent guide into the job market in Switzerland. She has keen insight, and deals with her clients with warmth, humor, and expertise. For anyone new to Switzerland, I strongly advise them to contact Isabelle for her incredible knowledge and intuition in helping you get started, absolutely invaluable!

Marijn - Consultant M&E - Geneva, Switzerland

Isabelle supported me in my career transition with concrete and realistic recommendations. During two two-hour Skype sessions she offered a continuous flow of advises and suggestions on how to find markets, how to sell myself, and how to find job opportunities. The first application after I changed my CV resulted in a job interview. Isabelle was very good in strengthening my believe that I could find an interesting job within a couple of months.

Eva - Project Manager - Paris, France

Isabelle knows very well the Swiss job market and she disposes of a complete career pack. She explains what is your best potential market and she is very honest with her clients, whether we talk about the quality of the candidate's application files (CV, LM, LinkedIn profile) or the chances in the country. It's really worth the price to listen to her advice, that follows the latest trends.

Eva - Supply Chain Analyst - Geneva, Switzerland

Isabelle has both sharp insights and knowledge into the job market and how to position oneself to show the top skills and qualities that are relevant to the job and employers. Her career package is also well structured and full of information that help in understanding what is the most important about getting into a professional field which is understanding your own personality and skills, how they address companies needs and much more. More than that Isabelle is very professional, has a great energy and her one on one sessions as well as her posts and seminars are always refreshing, encouraging and insightful. Transitioning into the job market since my graduation was made smoother with Isabelle's help, and I highly recommend working with her.

Ella - Support Coordinator - Geneva, Switzerland

Although I speak four languages, I had a hard time to find even a simple administrative job in Geneva. It was during a meet-up for career planning when I first met Isabelle. Her personality and professionalism made an impression on me. I booked a career package with her. A few weeks after this training, I finally succeeded in an important job interview for a big international company, where I am happily working since as a Support Coordinator. Therefore, I would like to thank Isabelle for her engagement and suggest all job seekers get professional help regarding their career planning at an early stage, as the Swiss market is hard to enter, except you already have a great professional network, and as this step will finally save you both your precious time and money.

Mercy - Administrative Assistant - Geneva, Switzerland

I had reached a point where I was not really sure what I wanted to do and if it was ever going to happen. When I talked to Isabelle about my interest in working for an NGO, she did not tell me what everyone else was telling me. Most people told me that with my background it was impossible for me to get a position working in an NGO. However she took my CV and after a conversation with her was able to change a few thing and expand on my skills. She then sent me an offer that she had come across from an organisation that I had applied to previously numerous times with the my old CV and I was surprised to receive a call to go for an interview. A week later, I will be starting my new job in two days. Isabelle is a miracle worker and the best thing about her is she is realistic, does not promise more than she can deliver and she is very aware of the Geneva job market. I believe if it was not for her I would still be convinced that it is impossible to go from a job in the private sector to the NGOs.

Rebeka - Analyst - Geneva, Switzerland

Feedback on the online career pack tutorials + coaching : I met Isabelle a few months ago at an event. I was finishing my studies and decided to start the job hunt with professional help. My expectations were all fulfilled by Isabelle. I was looking for someone, who has an in-depth knowledge of the Geneva job market and also understands the unique situation (and struggles) of internationals. Isabelle helped me bring my professional profile to much higher standards and she was training me on how to use all available tools of a job hunt in the most effective way. Once I started receiving invitations for interviews, we also did several training together teaching me how to portray myself and how to bring out my professional qualities in interview situations. The fruit of all her invaluable work was the job offers I have received within these short few months she spent helping me to make my professional dream come true.

Raquel - Purchasing - France

Feedback on Pleiades HC workshops: After my job was made redundant in 2012, and a quite long break, I decided to start a career in a new field. I passed my diploma and then started to look for the job. I felt I needed help to be more confident and to better sell myself and my skills. I followed a few workshops with Isabelle, related to career change and Elevator pitch. Her workshops are very focused, and very hands on, which allowed to practice and get feedback from her as well as from other participants. Her experience and advice were very helpful. I got clear messages and good tips. She helped me to have a clear project, to position rightly and be convincing to be right the first time: I got the job!! Thank you Isabelle!

David - Engineer - Geneva, Switzerland

Amongst all the countries I have lived in, Switzerland was one of the biggest challenges to enter the job market, and therefore I needed the right fundaments to start job hunting. Thanks to the multiple weekly workshops I followed with Pleiades HC, I was able to understand the Swiss job market, the hiring culture, correctly present myself during an interview and maintain full confidence that I would succeed one day, which I eventually did. Not only did Isabelle focus on theoretical approaches, but also set up real life conversations & situations in which you will be thrown some day during the job seeking process. Open conversation after each case allowed to optimize the chance of success and to discuss any points of attention. I would highly recommend contacting Isabelle before or during your job seeking venture!

Christopher - IT Support Specialist - Rolle, Switzerland

I attended a few of Isabelle's networking workshops with the aim of strengthening my social networking skills. I was able to discuss my key strengths and weaknesses with Isabelle and the rest of the group which definitely helped me and I have now found a full time position. I highly recommend Isabelle for her friendly and professional approach to these workshops.

Isabelle - Marketing & Communications - Geneva, Switzerland

I had the pleasure to meet Isabelle Litzler while preparing a career change. I found our encounter helpful on various levels. Isabelle has given me a frank feedback on my resume, followed by specific suggestions how to fine-tune it to be more direct and impactful. Her insider experience from the recruitment industry was no doubt helpful to tailor the final product, keeping in mind the ultimate recipient. I would recommend to get in touch with Isabelle if you are planning a career move, want to change jobs or simply need someone to bounce back the ideas about your professional development. I found Isabelle inspirational and encouraging, able to give accurate assessment of the situation and at ease to provide sincere comments. Discussing one's career is after all a personal matter and it requires knowledge and tact from the coach side. Isabelle luckily possesses both. I wish her all the best in the future development of the Pleiades HC

Laura - Marketing Manager - London, UK

I met with Isabelle August 2011 at one of her well organised job seeking lunch events. Isabelle made an excellent first impression as with others attending the business luncheon, demonstrating knowledgeable confidence and credible advisory expertise in the field of professional recruitment and human resource consultancy. Isabelle has been of tremendous help to me in pursuing the right job opportunities, her personable attitude and professionalism is a credit to her business / client relationship ethos and I would highly recommend her service to all prospective clients.

Mathieu - Engineer - Paris, France

Having had the pleasure to benefit from Isabelle coaching in 2013 while I was reconsidering my job position, I can highly recommend her expertise and professionalism. Isabelle helped me focus on the right job opportunities and match my experience, profile and goals with the right company (management, size), location and activity sector. Isabelle also helped me get a better understanding of the job market: network, recruitment process and professional web profile development. Her approach is very personalized, interactive, focused on your goals and based on a large and international experience.

Nicolas - Designer - Honk Kong, China

I hired Isabelle for career planning, and I was very impressed with her skills and knowledge. She was able to help me plan my career and to highlight the areas that correspond the best to my personality and experience. I can highly recommend her services to anyone.

Kim - Officer NGO - Geneva, Switzerland

Isabelle is an expert in the specific requirements relating to International Organizations in Geneva. She knows exactly what HR Managers are looking for and can help you make the right impression and meet the right people. I highly recommend that anyone who is serious about finding a job in Geneva make an appointment with Isabelle.




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