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5 best networking hubs to find a job faster

Article published by Isabelle Litzler on March 13. 2017

Networking can be either the key to job search/ career success or a great waste of time.  I wanted to make a quick list of the best places to network tested and recommended by Pleiades HC. 

The list below hopefully will bring some clarity and boost your career in the next months !


In my view, some of the best Meetups I experienced where at universities. After all, this is the place where you go to get your primary and continuing education. Universities typically will offer special events with guest speakers/specialists from the entire world.

You are welcome to check university events in your local area. In Lake Geneva, you typically have English-speaking events and conferences. Some are free of charge, others may have a fee attached to refreshments and other practicalities but the range varies from CHF 40-200 per event which I find reasonable based on the quality of the interventions. Here are a few links below :


Eventbrite is a website where you can crawl events per city, per topic or per date. Some are completely free of charge, others are classes and courses usually with a fee attached. You can search based on your topics of interest and maybe register for a class where you gain more skills and network at the same time.


I just discovered Fryday a couple of months ago. Fryday is an open club to all and free of charge to attend events except the drinks you purchase. You can meet like-minded internationals in Switzerland, English is the main language spoken. Some workshops are also organised on a regular basis in different venues. Meet, learn and mingle in a great relaxed spirit. Second bonus is that if you leave Switzerland or if you change cities, there is a chance to find a Fryday chapter there: https://www.fryday.net/


If you want to meet the CEO, VP?s and high level senior professionals, this is the place. Regular lunches, dinners and conferences happen in the club. You can join as a member or non-member. Fees apply, but you get a great meal and great conversations to follow.


CERN is known to be a global leader in Scientific Research but you will also find many interesting events around a variety of topics. You can attend meetings on entrepreneurship, change or any innovation.