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I don't have a job so I can't

Article published by Isabelle Litzler on March 27. 2017

I have been in the Talent Management field long enough to understand a few things about people, motivations and beliefs I will share with you below.

Not having a job is a synonym of not having money, hence freedom, being dependent on another person (spouse, parents..) and finally having low self-esteem when speaking to the external world about it. Based on where you live the stress could increase. It is true that most cities in the world are getting more and more expensive, cost of living is increasing. Anyway, you know this well enough. The question is are you doing what it takes to have the life that you want?

As young adults, the temptation is strong to follow another person journey, a partner usually. This is often the case for women who are the first concerned when following a partner across the world, to start a new life here in Switzerland. As you age, you realize more and more that you are not happy because you did not achieve your child's dreams. Now, that said, I dont believe a dream needs to come in the form of a career or a job. This is why it is important to understand our motivations, values and needs.

I came up with these tips to help you focus on the fulfillment part a bit more than the "job" part, especially if you are not working now.

Develop your potential to be ready for opportunities

When you are not working, you have time to do a career checkup and take a step back to assess whether you are happy or not continuing down this road. Skills that served you in the past may no longer do you any favors, especially when you go to a different country where market needs are different.

Invest in continuing education

By 2025, artificial intelligence will be able to replicate a human brain capacity, according to scientists such as Stephen Hawkin. What are you doing to prepare yourself to work with technology now? You need to offer skills of value to an employer to be selected. A basic primary training in university will be obsolete very quickly. Check local university programmes in your field of work. 

Own who you are

When you are an expat, lack of local flavor such as language skills and local diplomas does not have to sign the end of your career. If you want something so much that your life depends on it, you will make it work. We have the potential to learn anything if we put our mind to it, so sign up for language class today!

Start networking

If you are spending your time on job boards, you are not in the right place. You need to be out and about several times a week to meet new people. If you say, I can?t do it, I have personal situations? then you don?t want it bad enough. Tony Robbins said that ?it is never about a lack of resources, but about a lack of resourcefulness?. You can always negotiate time off from the family to work on your personal goals.

Find funding for the essentials

If finding a job is your main objective then your behavior should follow. A diploma from the 90s is not going to get you hired. You need to invest in yourself to be successful. Companies want to hire the best talents. The highly qualified employee of 2017 and beyond will be a multi-lingual, highly digital, intuitive and creative problem solver. This individual keeps informed in their field of work, has a growing engaged network and is motivated to perform better than the average. If you resemble this profile, you will be employed faster than you think in any global location. A Canadian website lists the jobs of the future, can you project yourself?

Time, money and being an expat are never a problem. If a lady wants a pair of luxury shoes for example, there will always be a way to get them so why not apply the same energy and drive to find a fulfilling career and lifestyle?