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Summer motivation booster

Article published by Isabelle Litzler on August 10. 2017

Summer can be slow in terms of employment activities, but it does not mean you can?t do anything to prepare yourself for the fall. There are a few activities you can start right now to help your career and secure many interviews in September.

Today I want to share with you 3 tips to move your career forward.

Tip 1: Learn to take a step back to uplift pressure

Do you find in your circle of friends and acquaintances that some people get job offers when you don?t? What is the difference between you and them? Most successful people in general get opportunities because they know themselves and what they are good at. When you are well positioned, opportunities will start coming to you, but you need to do this work first. Going through your skills, experiences and understanding of who you are and where you bring value is the first condition. Recruiters will come to you instantly once you finish this work. You will only need to take a step back and enjoy your summer.

Tip 2: Motivation is always something personal

Everyone will showcase different motivations. Of course, everyone needs money and security, this tends to be a common motivation. However, you have to go a bit beyond if you want to secure something such as a fulfilling career. If you find your true values and the things that make you get up every morning, you will not only feel happier but you will attract employers. Nobody wants to hire employees who seek money and comfort. Companies are looking for self-motivated, ambitious people who can challenge them and bring value to their industry. Figure out what motivates you and you will see your personal efficiency skyrocket. 

Tip 3: Stick to an agenda and find creativity

When you are looking for a career, your agenda needs to be managed. In the summer, temptation to do fun activities will be there. You need to build a strict agenda where you list activities with time slots and objectives otherwise you will slip. At Pleiades HC, I include many organisational tools in my package to help people get a hold of their time and follow-up. If you are currently working, you only have evenings and weekends. If you are full time job seeking, you have time but potential distractions will drive you away from your goals. In any case, you will need to have a good time management process to see your career project move forward.

In the summer, the temptation can be great to keep our eyes away from our objectives. Take a step back and assess where you are, where you want to be and plan. Planning and managing time are examples of solutions to help you move forward.