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Next Exit - I am my own CEO Part 1

Article published by Isabelle Litzler on September 09. 2017

Part 1 - Business plan and Strategy.

In 2017, we are already in the heart of automation, artificial intelligence and disruption: Jobs are getting scarce in certain industries or disappeared altogether. If you tried to look for a job, you probably already realized that you can?t secure anything even if you never had trouble before. This is not about you, but more about having a profile not suited to this new market. If you are not in a highly "in demand" domain like software, digital or health, you may struggle to find work. As a consequence, you can either pick a new career in something new and build a training plan around this new project or start embarking the solopreneur journey.

I built an eBook with guidance on how to start a business in Switzerland and want to share with you the first step: How to build your strategy.

The business plan:

A business plan is a detailed plan setting your objectives and providing you with a roadmap. It is a great tool to keep you structured and hence motivated. Your business plan can be as short as one page.

Quick tips:

  1. Structure your idea into a concrete project
  2. Think about all aspects of your business, including all possible case scenarios
  3. Identify needs for funding / personnel / partners / services ?

The following key orientation questions will guide you to start a perfect business plan:

  • Why do you want to start this business?
  • What is your product??
  • Who are your ideal target clients?
  • Do you have clients ready to buy??
  • How much funding do you have??
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? (this part will be important)

The Company Strategy ?

You need to know how to position your brand. Look at the below examples for guidance in how to build a strategy.

  • EasyJet is on the « Low Cost » flights market ?
  • Dior is only on the « Luxury » fashion market ?
  • Apple is on the « High-end » electronics equipment market ?

TIP 1: Build on your strengths

TIP 2: Stay focused 

Now is the best time to make a move! Building your own career solution is not just a resource against unemployment but also a huge source of career and life fulfilment.