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A portable career to get a job in Switzerland and beyond

Article published by Isabelle Litzler on April 05. 2018

Picking the ideal career is not easy. In my last Monday motivation video « Help, which career is right for me », I addressed the issue of building a career that would fit with our life choices especially when following a partner. When selecting your future career, my advice is definitely to pick one that would offer a certain level of mobility including international mobility. This is not an easy task as our current education system tends to prepare us for a highly specialized field at an early age. In my opinion, this is going to change in the next years as the world is going increasingly digital and jobs are changing faster than our education system. We as training practitioners will need to stop training people for a defined skill set, but rather teach people on how to think and re-adapt due to a changing playfied.

So welcome to the age of transferable skills and abilities, I also like to call them « portable skills ». So which skills are going to be « high in demand » in the recruiting arena?


List of transferable skills to unleash your market potential:

Interpersonal Skills

Communication / Teamwork / Leadership & Supervising

Exploration and implementation Skills

Researching and analysing / Problem Solving and Decision Making/ Planning and Organising

Self-management Skills

Learning, improving and achieving / Resilience, adaptability and drive/ Digital Skills (IT)

Personal Motivation, Organisation and Time Management

Listening / Verbal communication 


How do I develop my transferable skills?

The above skills are not taught in a class necessarily, they are either within your natural abilities which would make your life easier. They could also be taught in your family and community eco-system. In my situation, I developed many of the above skills via life and personal experiences. Living in a different place will help build your resilience and capacity to deal with adversity. You may have also grown these skills already through your early career experiences. Today, you just need to make sense of all your experiences and use them to grow your portable career.

Swiss websites where you can look for work once you identify your portable skills :
















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