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Your profile

  • You are a new expat / professional to Switzerland or an international looking for a Swiss job
  • You need help to plug your skills to the right job/training and you are not sure where to start
  • You need to do a skills assessment to change careers or orientation
  • You are returning to work after a break and need help to go back 
  • You just lost your job and need help to do a new search 


Why you should purchase this pack

  • You can save months of useless searches to find the right resources
  • You can avoid a big gap on your resume because you waited too long to take action
  • You can multiply your salary by 3 minimum if you are applying from abroad where salaries are lower


Investment: CHF 500 (Package)

Return (x3):  Example: Your average wage now: CHF 30,000 / Swiss average wage for a professional job: CHF 90,000


Content for the pack

  • 20 courses online on job search (scroll above icons)
  • Downloadable sheets and resources (scroll above icons)
  • Names of companies / agencies / websites to do your research / where to network for results
  • 10 relevant contacts provided by Isabelle
  • 4 hours "time bank" of skype coaching with Isabelle to support your research / networking and job hunting.  This time bank can be used towards documents drafting for you such as CV/Cover letter...
  • Access to my private Facebook Group where I post jobs announced via my private network



1.  Book a 30-min orientation call with me first via the on-demand service part of the website (CHF 40) to check whether this package is suitable for you and will meet your needs.  The orientation call is very useful for you as it will help define your needs, ensure that we are a good fit and discuss your expectations.

* If you do not have a paypal account, payment via bank transfer can be done.  Send a message: contact@pleiadeshc.com

* The orientation session can be done via email free : contact@pleiadeshc.com

2.  Services will start after the payment is done via e-banking or via the website.


** I do extend the exclusive career package in-person with 2 meetings in Geneva 2 hours each or a half day at a premium price of CHF 800.  


Disclaimers for the online exclusive career package:

* Access to online courses and coaching time do not have expiration dates.

* Success rates are based on 2 main criteria:  your investment / motivation / ambition + living in Switzerland or border countries  already (preferably).  During the orientation call, we can discuss your success potential.

* All purchases are pre-paid exclusively via the website or via bank transfer - No refunds 


Questions? You can use the chatbot or send a message to : contact@pleiadeshc.com